The “Washup” is an innovative design integrating a washing machine with toilet. This new concept is a wonderful and space saving water consumption device that recycles the water that cleans the clothes in the washer to flush the toilet. The “Washup” is certainly an innovative design for the problem of location of washing machines in small bathrooms.



The Dover Bathroom Vanity is an amazing piece that is certain to attract. This two door vanity has an oak finish with a stunning black granite countertop. The white porcelain sink is under-mounted and features a uniquely elegant copper faucet and fixtures. The exterior is carved with magnificent detail and craftsmanship. The bun feet complete its regal look. Available from


Though we spend very little time through the day (and night) in our bathrooms, why should they be just functional rooms alone? Why shouldn’t bathrooms echo our ideas and likes and be elegant and stylish to suit our personalities? Presenting Bathrooms by Ballard Designs where you Decorate with Style. You’ll find everything in bathroom decor, from unique bath accessories and space-saving storage cabinets to mirrors and furniture.


These three new mindboggling bathtubs ( the Yuma Art, Kyra Art and Naja Art ) from BluBleu are taking the bathtubs to the next level. These new designs of bathtub are adorned with beautiful wooden finish + soothing chromo relax system, and invigorating air system (for a hydromassage), and they look more more like furniture than a bathroom accessory . For more informations about these bathtubs go to Blubleu website


Do you have a bathroom where you don’t have much space to put a spa, jacuzzi and a bath at the same time? Well this is the perfect solution for your bathroom decor, the SPAcer by Dominik. This  is a movable Spa bath that can fold up against the wall to save floor space. Nevermind that it looks like an Orca turned upside down, Dominik claims the shape was inspired by two rain drops.


The Villa Passalacqua was constructed during the American and French Revolutions. Villa Passalacqua is on Italy’s most beautiful lake, ten minutes to the City of Como, less than a hour to the center of Milan . The master bathroom is large and very beautiful with both bathtub and shower.  This bathroom also features designer furniture and cabinets.  A truly designer bathroom indeed!


Did you know that scalding water is the #2 cause of serious burns, injuring thousands of Americans every year in their bathrooms. This great  Auto-Off  hand Shower Head Prevents Scalding Burns. . Easy-to-install Anti-Scald Hand Shower quickly reduces the flowof hot water  to a trickle when it reaches an unsafe temperature. When water temperature is normal, it starts up the flow again. Push-button pause control lets you cut off water flow without changing temperature mix – great when lathering up children. This hand shower is available from